For Individuals

MMM_Arrow_PurpleAt My Menu Match™,PLLC we don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all diet or approach to health and wellness.  We operate under the premise of a nutrition partnership.  This means that we want to do more than just give you black and white details or calorie goals, we want to work with you in a creative and personalized way to help you reach your goals.

Studies have proven that when people are held to a contract with themselves in regards to their health, they are more likely to accomplish their goals.  Therefore during our partnership we will discuss any changes you are looking to make or become more informed about and we will rank them in order of your determination to accomplish that goal.  We will help you hold yourself accountable for your food and wellness decisions through the following methods:

*Note that these are just some examples, and your personal needs may require only some, all or other nutritional services.  It’s up to you!

  • Free 15 min phone consultation to assure that what you are looking for is a perfect match with the services we offer.
  • 1 hr. face to face or Skype/Facetime meeting to review diet history (you will be asked to complete an honest three-day record of your intake).  This will be downloaded and calculated into a USDA nutrition software database so that you can see the before and after of your nutritional intake. This will also help you rank your goals toward change.
  • Inventory of your pantry/refrigerator to get a better sense of your current eating habits.
  • Grocery shopping field trip!  We will walk the isles of your grocery store to help with such things as better understanding of nutrition labels and ingredients and how to shop for your goals and budget.
  • Review of your favorite recipes so that we can assist you in making healthy ingredient substitutions to allow you to still enjoy the foods you love with a bit of a healthier twist!
  • Review of your favorite restaurants/take-0ut places and your usual menu ordering habits for advice on how to choose better options or substitutions when you dine out.
  • Analyze Fit Bit nutrition analysis or other activity tracker device summaries to assist in helping you make the proper changes.
  • Diabetes specific dietary needs, if applicable, to assist in better managing blood glucose levels.

We don’t believe in the word dieting here at My Menu Match™.  Our overall philosophy is to help people incorporate the foods that they love with their overall needs and goals to become healthier and happier.  You absolutely can have your cake and eat it too, as long as the rest of your healthy lifestyle incorporates some balance and knowledge about food and nutrition.

* Here at My Menu Match™,PLLC, Regina M. Shirley RD, LDN specializes in diabetes nutrition education for anyone with any type of diabetes (including gestational and pre-diabetes).  Regina has lived with   Type 1 diabetes for over 25 years and has extensive experience in training and educating patients on insulin pump and CGM therapy as well as carbohydrate counting.