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MMM_Arrow_YellowMy Menu Match™, PLLC was primarily created to serve any food service business, retailer or basically any place people can get food! With all of the menu labeling laws hitting chain restaurants, it is absolutely only a matter of time before the smaller businesses are strapped with the task of providing mandated nutrition information for their consumers.  Remember, it’s not just about being healthier, and we are not here to change your menu, but instead consumers are of the mindset now that they have the right to be informed about anything they purchase.  Making your customers or clients satisfied and considered while at the same time increasing your profit margins and attracting a larger customer base is our goal.  Do you have a different goal in mind?  Awesome…we can probably help if it has to do with nutrition/menu analysis!

Whether you are a small café, sandwich shop, restaurant(s), a function hall/hotel, or start company making your own jam in your garage… we have the tools to provide you with the most accurate, compliant and satisfactory data for your products!

Here is a listing of some of the possible services that can meet your needs.  The options are really endless, and we want to create a partnership with you that best suits your desired outcomes for your business and for your community.

  • Analysis of entire menu to be presented in a binder and given digital files to add to your website.
  • Holiday/Seasonal pre-fixed menu analysis; for such things as restaurant week, holiday brunch or other occasions.
  • Analyze up to ten menu items to highlight on your website or chalkboard and create a menu insert with these highlighted items printed and laminated.
  • Consultative services for banquet/conference functions for groups larger than 20 ppl.  i.e. weddings or work events where there are many dietary restrictions or requests.
  • Food Trends: Highlight the ‘Top 10’ food/health fads and ingredients that are ‘hot’ right now and how they are incorporated in the menu.
  • Use of our services on a quarterly or bi-annual basis; to reassess any refreshed items.
  • Use of our services on an on-going monthly consultation basis, as needed and with structured availability/meetings.
  • In-servicing wait staff or kitchen staff.
  • Food Allergy training and refreshers for waitstaff
  • Cooking demos or presentations in food retail stores.
  • Nutrition narration along-side a professional chef during a cooking demo(chef’s can request this)
  • Speaking and presenting to groups on any specific food/nutrition topic.
  • Writing for newsletters and websites
  • Nutrition facts label calculation, creation and printing.

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