For restaurants, food and beverage retailers and food manufacturers:

Nutrient analysis by calculation is conducted using Esha’s Genesis R&D nutritional analysis and labeling software and is based on standardized recipes when available.  This software extracts data from the USDA, specific food manufacturers and from other scientific sources.  Note that these nutrient calculations may vary if any type of ingredient, serving size or preparation deviates from the standardized recipe and may not be accounted for.  Some data may not accurately adjust for losses or changes resulting from methods of preparation or cooking which may compromise the accuracy and quality of calculated values.  Specific nutrition interpretation and suggestions are provided by a Registered Dietitian from My Menu Match. 

For individuals:

For individuals seeking nutritional counseling, note that you should seek the advice of your health care professional for any medical conditions that requires specific dietary restrictions or medication adjustments prior to meeting with a Registered Dietitian and should also follow up with your physician before making any major changes that may affect your medical condition. 

Any and all fact based articles, research and quotes will be accurately noted and referenced throughout the content of this website. It will therefore also be subject to interpretation by a Registered Dietitian and based on real-life experience and scientific knowledge of the human body and food and nutrition. Any factual information regarding laws and regulations of menu and food labeling will also be referenced with the appropriate source and may be interpreted by the Registered Dietitian using educated judgment. Please always refer to any cited references.

Compensation may be given for any advertising or mentioning of specific products, and full disclosure will be given.  Regina abides by the American Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition and will only support products/services that are in line with her clinical and personal expertise and pertinent to the subject matter.

Regina M. Shirley, RD, LDN has extended her educational understanding of the above mentioned subject matters by obtaining training and certifications beyond her professional background, including:

  • Food Safety – ServSafe Certified
  • ServSafe Allergens Certification
  • Certificate of Training in Food Allergies by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Certificate of Training in Restaurant Menu Labeling


*August 2015