Mission and Vision

MMM_Arrow_BlueMy Menu Match, PLLC is a nutrition consulting service with the purpose of connecting consumers with nutritional information from À la carte to grocery cart.  Whether you are a business owner in the restaurant or food retail industry or a consumer seeking transparency for the foods you love, we are here to make a match for both of you.  Everyone deserves to have all the information about what they are eating laid out on the table and to be able to decipher what their needs and interests are through the most simple and accessible source.  Our goal  is to make customers and individuals happy and informed.

Our mission is to create a nutrition partnership between the business and or individual who is seeking to clarify, educate, and interpret the accurate and specific details about the food and/or beverages they are consuming.  The sole purpose is to increase marketing appeal and sales for the restaurant owner or to connect the consumer with the restaurants and brands they love to eat but desire to know more about.

We seek to serve the communities and businesses around us with a dedicated and trustworthy relationship that will make the idea of nutrition information not just about health, but about increasing the knowledge and consumption that benefits everyone from table to table.  Our commitment to you is that you will receive the highest level of communication, professionalism and attention to detail from the My Menu Match, PLLC services.