7 ‘Healthy’ Foods that Really Aren’t

images444Below is the link to an article recently posted on Fox News Health, titled 7 ‘Healthy’ Foods that Really Aren’t


I thought this was a great brief article to add to my blog as with the New Year brings many false ideas about what a healthy resolution really is.  While I agree with almost all of these food items and the author’s comments, it is important to point out #7 regarding the advice to switch to 2% Milk instead of Fat-Free.

For those of us in the nutrition world, we aim to advise each person individually based on their goals, lifestyle, medical history and any other important factors.  When it comes to the concern that if one drinks fat-free milk they may be missing out on the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and the satiety from higher fat content, it’s very much up for debate.

Note, that we as Americans get MORE than enough fat energy from plenty of other sources and most likely do not need to assure we are drinking it as well.  I started my daughter on fat-free milk right after she turned two, as studies show that there is no need for full fat milk if she is getting plenty of other fat in her diet (and since avocados and olives were a favorite of hers and still are, I was never worried).

Just a few things to keep in mind!

Happy New Year!



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